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Drink Water Lose Weight? You Bet!


Did you know that lack of water might also lead to fluid retention and weight gain? It sounds contradictory, but it is true. However, the most compelling reasons for drinking water are that water keeps you alive, gives you proper hydration, and gives life to all your body functions. Hence, the importance of drinking water at least 8 glasses daily. However, if you are like me before I adjusted my eating habits, drinking those 8 glasses of water were really a challenge! Guess what? Today is your day! I am sharing with you 13 tips to help drink your 8 glasses of water daily and lose weight faster.

Nevertheless, if you need more reasons to drink water, besides keeping you alive, to be convinced about the importance of drinking your 8 glasses of water daily I will add some more, which includes water's role on your quest to lose weight. Sounds good? Excellent!

Water allows your body to eliminate toxins and waste products. Moreover, water helps reduce fat deposits by helping your metabolism. I bet you just feel like drinking water, right? Excellent! But wait, there is more. Simply, picture this example: You have a water hose and right in the middle it is stuck with garbage and it will not come out until you increase more water to push that garbage.

Yet, if that garbage is really stuck, maybe water won't be enough to remove it and you will need to add stronger chemical products. Bingo! That is exactly what happens with our body. Our intestines need to be moving to flush those toxins and waste products. If you do not drink water, how do you expect to remove those toxins? Now, yes, you are right on what you are thinking. Those toxins will continue to accumulate originating many health problems, such as constipation, bloated feeling, water retention, and so on.

Want more reasons to convince you to drink at least your 8 glasses of water daily? Ok, water relieves fluid retention and helps you suppress your appetite. Moreover, water helps rid your body of excess sodium. There is more. One of the best ways to prevent the formation of kidney stones is by drinking water. Besides, water is a natural diuretic; in addition, it can help you reduce high blood pressure by decreasing water retention in your blood.

I am sure you are now more than convinced about the importance of drinking at least your 8 glasses of water daily. Now, let me give you 13 tips to improve your water consumption.

1. Keep a daily record to mark your water consumption.

2. Keep a pitcher containing your 8 glasses of water and finish it during the day. Do not go to bed unless you have finished that pitcher.

3. Keep 8 glasses of water and spread out during the day. For example:

- 1 glass of water after brushing your teeth, or
- 1 glass of water with breakfast or after breakfast
- 1 glass of water before leaving home
- 1 glass of water mid morning
- 1 glass of water 30 minutes before lunch
- 1 glass of water after lunch
- 1 glass of water mid afternoon
- 1 glass of water 1 hour before dinner
- 1 glass of water after dinner
- 1 glass of water while exercising
- 1 glass of water after exercising

By any means, if you are thirsty or wanting to drink more than 1 glass of water at any time of the day… be my guest! Drink that water.

4. Keep bottles of water visible, either the equivalent of 1 glass or 2 or more glasses, on your desk.

5. If you work 8 hours daily, make it a custom to drink every other hour 1 glass of water, or every hour. It depends on your time management and lunch schedule.

6. Have bottle of waters in the car, your room, your desk, living room… just in every room you go. Also carry one in your purse, backpack, and gym bag. It will serve as a reminder and you will drink that bottle of water to flush those toxins!

7. If you drink juice, try to combine it with water. Sometimes, juices are extremely sweet.

8. Whenever you feel craving for junk food, stop for a moment and grasp one glass of water. It will help you feel full.

9. Add lemon or orange slices to your glass of water.

10. You may drink 1 glass of water before lunch and one after finish eating.

11. If you are working full time, try to have at least 4 glasses of water during the day. Two hours before leaving work, check how many glasses you drink. If you are missing one or two… you can finish those while driving.

12. Keep a bottle of water handy while watching TV or doing the laundry. You can also have a glass of water after going to the restroom. This will replenish your system.

13. You can use a big bottle with ounces indicator to keep record of your water intake. For example, a 32-oz bottle with 8-oz measures will provide you with 4 glasses of water.

Bonus information: Many beauty experts agree that drinking water is the safest and cheapest way to look better and improve our skin!

I hope you use these 13 Tips to Get Your 8 Glasses of Water Daily and Lose Weight. Be aware that if you practice strenuous physical activity, do cardio exercises, or you are living in a hot and humid climate, you will need to drink more water to keep yourself properly hydrated.

May I offer you a glass of water now? Good, so let's make a toast with our respective glasses of water to increase our weight loss and eliminate toxins.
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