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Structured Settlements Information

Options for Lawsuit Settlement Winners Receiving Periodic Payments

On January 22,2002, President George W. Bush signed into law a bill that protects individuals who must sell their structured settlement payments to meet unplanned financial needs.

A Structured Lawsuit Settlement Seemed Like a Good Idea at One Time

You are receiving payments spread out over months, years, even a lifetime. It's great when the money arrives but the payments are often too small or too spread out to really satisfy your needs.

The Cash Now Question

If you have ever been in a bind for cash you know the stress, the weight of not being able to pay your bills. In these desperate times, desperate measures are often taken.

How To Form a UK Limited Company

When starting a business, a large number of people go down the route of forming a limited company or, to give it its full title, a limited liability company.The alternative for someone starting up in business on their own is to trade as a sole-trader.

Structured Settlement as an Investment Vehicle

You always hear people talking about the latest investment vehicle they're using. It's water cooler talk, dinner table talk, phone talk, it's everywhere talk.

Offshore Asset Protection Trusts for US Citizens

When it comes to discussing offshore anything and US citizens - from offshore trusts to investments, from offshore banking to company incorporation - it's important to note the following facts: -- US citizens are taxed on their worldwide income. This includes income from interest, dividends and gains whether onshore or offshore.

Consider a Structured Settlement?

Structured settlements have been around for a long time however their popularity has steadily increased over the past 6 years. In 1999 only 7% of insurance settlements that were under $7,000 were completed as structured settlements.

A Revolutionary Fundraising Opportunity -- Life Settlements

Amid fundraisers' growing concerns about the current charitable giving climate, dampened by the erratic stock market and shaky economy, a new fundraising opportunity has emerged - Life Settlements.What is a Life Settlement? A Life Settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy for a lump sum of cash that is more than the cash surrender value.

When Should You Not Cash Out Your Annuity?

You should not cash out your annuity when it's not in your best interest. Here are 3 reasons it might not be in your best interest; it's too soon, you don't have a good enough reason, it will cost you too much.

The Cost of Not Having Money

The self-esteem factor of not having enough money is underestimated. You know what I mean don't you? The agony of financially struggling and the ecstasy of financial abundance are dramatically different moments in a person's life.

Structured Settlement - Guaranteed Income for those with Disabilities

Up until twenty years ago, anyone who won a lawsuit as a result of a claim involving worker's compensation, wrongful death or accident had to accept a lump sum payment as their compensation. The payment would be intended to be invested, with the beneficiary living off of the proceeds for as long as their recovery was expected to take.

Structured Settlements Offer Advantages over Lump-Sum Payments

A structured settlement, which offers injury victims cash payments through a long-term annuity as compensation for their damages and medical expenses, offer a number of possible advantages over payment in a lump sum. While the lump sum payment is the traditional way for responsible parties to pay accident claims, the structured settlement offers payments over the span of an agreed-upon period of time.

Making Backwards Choices

I was reading this past week about a woman who lost 170 lbs in 9 months by eating backwards. She had breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.

Structured Settlements - Should You Sell Yours?

In recent years, it has become more common for victims of accidental injury who accept a settlement from the at-fault party to accept a structured settlement instead of a lump-sum payment. With a structured settlement, the injured party receives payments over an agreed-upon length of time - five years, ten years, or even a lifetime, rather than receiving payment up front in a lump sum.

Structured Settlement Factoring

Have you received a structured settlement recently? A structured settlement can be a good thing if you have been a victim of malfeasance, have been severely injured or can no longer physically work. Structured settlements will help you pay bills.

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Only about 30 percent of Americans with credit card debt believe they'll be able to pay it off this year, according to a new survey by the real estate site Clever.

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Brevard County has a contract with the debt collection firm Penn Credit Corp., which last week was indicted in Illinois, along with its owner, on bribery charges.

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UNC's Luke Maye tells reporters that coach Roy Williams fired up the Tar Heels at halftime with his speech about playing better defense in their NCAA ...

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My credit score is a mystery to me. It is inexplicably bad, even though the overwhelming majority of things I am obligated to pay — rent, bills, auto insurance ...

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Kohler Credit Union has donated two homes to the Town of Sheboygan Fire Department for training opportunities. The credit union also invited Habitat for ...

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FREEPORT — Cornerstone Credit Union, 550 W. Meadows Drive, will sponsor several free financial education events for Money Smart Week, which runs from ...

Sessions: Uncapping, extending electric vehicle tax credit is bad fiscal policy  Casper Star-Tribune Online

As a proponent of initiatives that expand business growth and strengthen our economy, I understand the need for businesses to seek tax policy that improves ...

The U.S. should get more credit for ending slavery ‘within 150 years,’ Fox panelist says  The Washington Post

"The truth is, throughout human history, slavery has existed, and America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years," contributor Katie Pavlich said ...

Man charged in robbery 'decided to try something new today, so I robbed a bank'  Appleton Post Crescent

APPLETON - A 19-year-old man arrested in connection with the Friday robbery of Community First Credit Union on West Spencer Street told police he "decided ...

Analysis | Klobuchar cites bad data to claim credit for reducing black incarceration  The Washington Post

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) claimed the incarceration rate for African Americans dropped 65 percent when she was a prosecutor. But that's because of a ...

Quick tips to repair your garbage credit score  NEWSREP

We're all professionals and adults. We're aware of our credit scores and understand how they are key to our financial plight or success. We realize that.

The Points Guy: Stop making these 3 mistakes if you want to maximize credit card points  CNBC

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(WVVA) Police in Bluefield, Virginia are asking for the public's help in identifiying a suspect wanted on multiple felony charges.

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North Huntingdon residents already volunteering with Irwin's fire department or emergency medical *service* will get a tax break similar to one proposed for Irwin ...

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Chrissy Metz went from being broke with 81 cents in her bank account one minute, to starring in NBC mega-hit "This Is Us" practically the next. Today, the ...

Credit card fraud shuts down bail option in Champaign County  Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

URBANA — About 10 people have been released from the Champaign County Jail since the first of the year after having posted bail using stolen credit card ...

Bill would require high schools to offer college credits  Illinois News Network

State Senate Minority Leader Bill Brady, R-Bloomington, is pushing a bill that would require high schools to offer an early college program.

Credit Suisse raises S&P 500 forecast, sees 20% gain for 2019  CNBC

Underneath the stock market's epic rebound has been a "more favorable" trend that Credit Suisse says will drive the market higher. The bank dialed up its ...

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Two financial tech start-ups are offering credit-builder loans, which also help customers grow their savings.

Westminster man arrested after allegedly stealing credit card, charging more than $2,700  Carroll County Times

Brian Scott Johnson, of Westminster, was charged with 39 counts after allegedly making more than $2700 worth of purchases with a stolen credit card.

Taxes From A To Z 2019: E Is For Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)  Forbes

It's my annual “Taxes from A to Z” series! This time, it's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) style. If you're wondering whether you can claim home office expenses or ...

Cuomo backs axing $420M film tax credit to fix budget discrepancy  New York Post

There's $3 billion dollar funding gap between Cuomo's $175 billion new budget proposal and the Senate's spending plan.

Big Religion May Have Gotten Too Much Credit for the Evolution of Modern Society  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

New study highlights just how bad Americans are with credit cards  Yahoo Finance

A new study highlights how Americans manage credit cards and just how stressful credit debt can be.

Facebook moves to stop discrimination in housing, employment and credit ads  NBC News

Facebook will create the portal as part of a settlement with civil rights organizations and labor groups that had accused the company of enabling discrimination.

Captain Marvel's After-Credits Scenes: How Many And What They Mean  GameSpot

Spoilers: Here's how many post-credits scenes there are to stick around for and an explanation of what they're all about. Bypasses Credit Freeze PIN  Krebs on Security

Most people who have frozen their credit files with Equifax have been issued a numeric Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is supposed to be required ...

Standard & Poor's raises Croatia's credit rating  Emerging Europe

For the first time in six years, ratings firm Standard & Poor's has raised Croatia rating to BBB-/A-3. The upgrade reflects Croatia's improving fiscal metrics, ...

Showdown looms over school scholarship tax credit | Capitol View  Minnesota Public Radio News

Republicans said they want Gov. Tim Walz to be open-minded when it comes to tax credits for private scholarship donors. The DFL governor says the proposal ...

These moves can tank your credit score  CNBC

Experts warn that other moves you make can drag down your score.

Clark Public Utility customers to get credit on April bill  The Columbian

Clark Public Utilities customers will see a credit on their April bill after the utility board approved a $10 million credit from 2018 surplus funds.

Monitoring your credit report and score: What to know  WATE 6 On Your Side

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - If you have a credit card or have ever taken out a loan, then your credit history is part of a credit report. Do you know what's in that ...

Racing Point says "gutsy" Stroll will earn credit he deserves

Racing Point team principal Otmar Szafnauer says new signing Lance Stroll is a 'gutsy racer' who will get due credit for his Formula 1 performances eventually.

$5K of merchandise bought with stolen credit card in Newport News traced to Russian city  WAVY-TV

A credit card reported stolen in Newport News was used to buy more than $5500 worth of merchandise at a local Best Buy, which police say has been traced to ...

Credit Card Fraud Is Down, But Account Fraud That Directly Hurts Consumers Remains High  Forbes

EMV chips have reduced POS card fraud as expected but fraudsters are moving into new areas such as opening new accounts in a stranger's name, taking over ...

Police arrest suspect accused of robbing Gautier credit union last month  WLOX

A man accused of robbing Navigator Credit Union in Gautier a month ago has been caught and is suspected of robbing at least two other banks in the ...

Former credit union vice president accused of stealing $350,000 pleads guilty  WLOX

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A former vice president of Singing River Federal Credit Union is accused of stealing more than $350,000 from the credit ...

IBM Cuts Credit Unions Deal For Blockchain Services In $1.7 Trillion Industry  Forbes

IBM and Denver-based credit union *service* organization CULedger, have struck a collaboration deal by which new blockchain-based services will be pioneered ...

3 Tax Credits Parents Should Take Advantage Of  The Motley Fool

These valuable tax breaks can help parents reduce their tax bill significantly.

Tlaib introduces bill to make auto insurance use of credit data illegal  Detroit Metro Times

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduced legislation that would make it illegal for auto insurance companies to use consumers' credit scores in calculating insurance ...

SAPD makes rare credit card skimming arrest after DNA allegedly found at gas pump  mySA

San Antonio police made a rare arrest in a credit card skimming case after finding a suspect's DNA on one of the devices, authorities said. Walter Leyva-Galindo ...

Maryland’s Pioneering Energy Storage Income Tax Credit Turns 2  Greentech Media News

Given the program's constraints, Maryland officials said they've been pleased with the results of the storage tax credit so far.

Tlaib bill would prohibit use of credit scores to set car insurance rates  The Detroit News

Washington — New legislation introduced in Congress by freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib would block insurers from factoring in a consumer's credit history when ...

IRS Schedule 5: Get the Credit You Deserve on Your Taxes  The Motley Fool

Don't leave anything out, or your tax bill will be higher than it needs to be.

8 under-the-radar credit card perks to help save money

With banks searching for new and innovative ways to retain customers, the competition is fierce. Smaller, under-the-radar benefits can be some of the most ...

Mental Illness Cleaned Out My Bank Account And Destroyed My Credit  HuffPost

Sitting in front of my computer all night impulse-buying clothes, shoes, gimmicky skincare products, or a high-end espresso machine gave me an undeniable...

How Equifax Complicates a Simple Task: Freezing a Child’s Credit  The New York Times

A number of Your Money readers took Ron Lieber's advice to freeze their children's credit. Equifax's process didn't always work. Please keep trying.

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