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Structured Settlements Information

Options for Lawsuit Settlement Winners Receiving Periodic Payments

On January 22,2002, President George W. Bush signed into law a bill that protects individuals who must sell their structured settlement payments to meet unplanned financial needs.

A Structured Lawsuit Settlement Seemed Like a Good Idea at One Time

You are receiving payments spread out over months, years, even a lifetime. It's great when the money arrives but the payments are often too small or too spread out to really satisfy your needs.

The Cash Now Question

If you have ever been in a bind for cash you know the stress, the weight of not being able to pay your bills. In these desperate times, desperate measures are often taken.

How To Form a UK Limited Company

When starting a business, a large number of people go down the route of forming a limited company or, to give it its full title, a limited liability company.The alternative for someone starting up in business on their own is to trade as a sole-trader.

Structured Settlement as an Investment Vehicle

You always hear people talking about the latest investment vehicle they're using. It's water cooler talk, dinner table talk, phone talk, it's everywhere talk.

Offshore Asset Protection Trusts for US Citizens

When it comes to discussing offshore anything and US citizens - from offshore trusts to investments, from offshore banking to company incorporation - it's important to note the following facts: -- US citizens are taxed on their worldwide income. This includes income from interest, dividends and gains whether onshore or offshore.

Consider a Structured Settlement?

Structured settlements have been around for a long time however their popularity has steadily increased over the past 6 years. In 1999 only 7% of insurance settlements that were under $7,000 were completed as structured settlements.

A Revolutionary Fundraising Opportunity -- Life Settlements

Amid fundraisers' growing concerns about the current charitable giving climate, dampened by the erratic stock market and shaky economy, a new fundraising opportunity has emerged - Life Settlements.What is a Life Settlement? A Life Settlement is the sale of an existing life insurance policy for a lump sum of cash that is more than the cash surrender value.

When Should You Not Cash Out Your Annuity?

You should not cash out your annuity when it's not in your best interest. Here are 3 reasons it might not be in your best interest; it's too soon, you don't have a good enough reason, it will cost you too much.

The Cost of Not Having Money

The self-esteem factor of not having enough money is underestimated. You know what I mean don't you? The agony of financially struggling and the ecstasy of financial abundance are dramatically different moments in a person's life.

Structured Settlement - Guaranteed Income for those with Disabilities

Up until twenty years ago, anyone who won a lawsuit as a result of a claim involving worker's compensation, wrongful death or accident had to accept a lump sum payment as their compensation. The payment would be intended to be invested, with the beneficiary living off of the proceeds for as long as their recovery was expected to take.

Structured Settlements Offer Advantages over Lump-Sum Payments

A structured settlement, which offers injury victims cash payments through a long-term annuity as compensation for their damages and medical expenses, offer a number of possible advantages over payment in a lump sum. While the lump sum payment is the traditional way for responsible parties to pay accident claims, the structured settlement offers payments over the span of an agreed-upon period of time.

Making Backwards Choices

I was reading this past week about a woman who lost 170 lbs in 9 months by eating backwards. She had breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast.

Structured Settlements - Should You Sell Yours?

In recent years, it has become more common for victims of accidental injury who accept a settlement from the at-fault party to accept a structured settlement instead of a lump-sum payment. With a structured settlement, the injured party receives payments over an agreed-upon length of time - five years, ten years, or even a lifetime, rather than receiving payment up front in a lump sum.

Structured Settlement Factoring

Have you received a structured settlement recently? A structured settlement can be a good thing if you have been a victim of malfeasance, have been severely injured or can no longer physically work. Structured settlements will help you pay bills.

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